Mentoring at the first Tech Karo Meetup in 2021

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Wanted to share my experience of mentoring at tech karo this time in 2021. Which is the first meetup this year. I have already been part of the mentor meetups before for Tech Karo but this was yet another amazing one. If you don't really know about #techKaro yet, do have a quick look at #techKaro on Twitter

About TechKaro

Tech Karo is an intitiative by team CIRCLE and has been in the works for the past 3 years.

You’ll be amazed to know that in a span of 3 years, they have successfully graduated 300+ students. What's amazing is that 75% of the #TechKaro alumni are placed and working in different Tech organizations of Pakistan and earning an average of Rs. 30k+/month. With the highest pay of Rs. 70k+/month. This is indeed a great achievement in my honest opinion.

This year, they've kicked off their fourth cohort of web development on 22nd April 2021 with 35 students (65% female).

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If you feel they're doing an amazing job. Which I really do, make sure to tweet to CIRCLE, and use the hashtag #techKaro.

TechKaro Mentorship program

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TechKaro has been running a mentorship program for the last three years and a lot of cool people like me 😄, Mashhood, Syed Saad and others have been involved in supporting mission! Essentially, you get to meet all the students on a weekend and you get to mentor 3-5 students directly. Which is an absolute amazing experience for me. You get to review their projects, highlight potential improvements and what not. If you're interested in becoming a member, make sure to write to Tuba Mohsin or at

My Experience of this Mentor Meetup

This time, the event started at 12:30 PM Pakistan Time. The team introduced the mentors to the students. And the program to the new mentors. I was assigned three brilliant students. And looking at their projects and what they've achieved in such a short period of time with Tech Karo, i was absolutely mind blowned.

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Following are the students I met, and their projects

Naima Shaikh:

Naima created a decent and sleek portfolio website at the end of the Module 1. The colors were decent and the feedback I gave included hover transitions on buttons, some layout alignment and some color contrast tips. Glad to see the suggestions already implemented.

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Portfolio website - Naima Sheikh

Faisal Kalwar:

Faisal's portfolio website used a combination of grey, black and white color. Apart from the positoning of some elements, it really showed good amount of efforts and practice. All these students created a single page portfolio websites.

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Portfolio website - Faisal Kalwar

Noreen Akhtar:

I found Noreen's portfolio website the best out of the three projects 🎉. The color combination was well thought of, considering dark mode. There were almost no alignment issues. I did suggest some tips for including better contrast in the site. And some tips on the UX of the buttons in general. The overall design and implementation of the project was well thought out though

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Portfolio website - Noreen Akhtar


We all know that the ratio of #womenInTech is pretty low throughout the world. And in Pakistan, it's even worse. I'm really happy personally that I can contribute to increment of this ratio and to help these students become better at what they're doing. Although, my contributions are negligible compared to what CIRCLE and the team #techKaro are doing! 😄. Please give them love by tweeting to them, supporting them or by becoming a mentor in the upcoming mentors! 🎉 And as always, happy coding!